Trying to Become a Responsible Shopper

trying to become a responsible shopper

I wasn’t really sure about what to call today’s post, but it’s something that has been on my mind for a while now. So I’m just rolling with it! Today I’m talking about trying to be a bit more of a responsible shopper. By this, I mean cutting back on how much clothing I buy and also making better decisions when it comes to choosing what I want to buy.

In my 2017 goals post (which you can read here!) I talked about being more frugal this year. I have kept to that quite well this month – I have bought the grand total of 1 jumper in January. Obviously, I have bought food and had a handful of other expenses (1 trip to lush, 1 haircut, 1 cinema trip, 1 restaurant meal). However, this is quite a bit less than what I would usually buy in a month.

I am a shopping addict. I love shopping and I always will. However, I am starting to realise that you can love shopping and also make more responsible decisions when it comes to what you spend your money on.  

responsible shopping

While I’ve been planning on cutting back my spending for a while now, what got me thinking about excessive shopping habits was this great post by Liv from What Olivia Did. She raises some great points about how there is a sort of expectation in blogging that you need new stuff all the time. When we see people filming haul videos every week, it is difficult not to be influenced by it.

I have definitely felt this pressure before. I always feel like I can’t shoot outfit photos because I don’t have any new clothes or because my favourite things to wear were purchased years ago. But I’m trying to get out of that mindset now. It isn’t realistic to only show new clothes (at least if you aren’t a full time blogger!) and it can be really nice to see the pieces that people have actually got the wear out of.

Case in point – my little outfit above. The skirt is relatively new from Oasis (although I bought it in December so it’s no longer available!) but everything else is a well-loved piece. My Whistles leather jacket which I bought 3 years ago now is still going strong has been one of my best ever purchases. My cashmere jumper is actually a vintage find which I got for an amazing £9. Yupp, £9 for cashmere and I have worn it all the time for the last 4 years since I bought it.

While I do love shopping and trying out new trends, it is always the same things that I come back to. However, I do admit that I want to diversify my wardrobe a bit and introduce some new things into it. But I want the new things I buy to become long-term loves rather than ‘wear it twice and forget about it’ items.

With my birthday coming up, I know I will be doing a bit of shopping. But I’ve been browsing all my favourite shops online for a while now and thinking about exactly what I want to buy. I did a little January Payday Wishlist this week, which actually really helped me to think about the things I want to buy next.

I’m wanting to get some nice Spring appropriate things next month (well, Scotland Spring appropriate!). I’m thinking florals, some lighter colours and also investing in some more nice t shirts. But I’m going to try not to impulse on anything and really think to myself will I wear this next year? 

So that has been my little ramble about responsible shopping. I’m not expecting to be suddenly cured of my shopping addiction, but I do really want to try to be a bit more cautious when it comes to spending.

I’d love to know what you think on the subject! Also, I’d love to know your thoughts on outfit/fashion posts where the clothes aren’t brand new. I know it’s a bit annoying when you see something but it isn’t available anymore, but I was thinking of maybe trying to find similar items to link instead? Tell me what you think!

  • I definitely know what you mean about not wanting to blog about things unless they are the most recent items – it’s quite a bit of pressure! I think both you and Liv have a very responsible message, especially in the blogging/Youtube culture of continual and mass consumption. My approach is definitely quality over quantity, so fewer but more expensive items, but I can’t resist the odd highstreet buy, too! Continued good luck with your new years goals, they are fantastic and you are doing a great job! xxx Tess Alexandra

  • I love this post and the sudden focus on ethical clothing and responsible shopping! I’ve been trying to buy clothes from charity shops and ethical brands only since learning more about the modern slave trade about a year ago. It’s pretty hard to find things like jeans but luckily we have an amazing ethical clothing store in Exeter ( if anyone fancies a peek!) and People Tree have pretty damn good sales sometimes 🙂 I also think it’s definitely worth putting up outfit posts when the clothes are old – I hardly ever buy the exact clothes I’ve seen on a blog but it might inspire me to buy something similar or try styling my own clothes that way. Bloggers should be style inspiration rather than product mannequins 🙂 xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • I have been doing this too this year and it has made me realise how much stuff I already have!!! I am really enjoying using up all the things I’m already lucky enough to have rather than just buying more new stuff xxx
    Sophie Cliff

  • I think about this alot! For me anyway following a blogger is more for inspiration than buying new things all the time. For example I could think ‘oh my black embroidered skirt would look really good with a grey jumper too’. Definitely still share outfits even if you can’t still buy that particular item <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  • It’s funny actually because I’ve spoken to a few “bigger” bloggers and YouTuber’s and so many of them say they do hauls for the sake of hauls and then send it all back, which is a good way to do it on a budge I guess but it does send a message that you should be spending x amount on clothes every month. I definitely cut back last year, I’m trying to spend less on clothes and makeup and more on the house!

    Love your blog by the way 🙂

    The Makeup Directory

  • Love the embroidery on your skirt! I always style older items with news ones but I am a shopaholic too, I have got better at saving over the years though.