5 Tips for when you struggle to sleep

can't sleep tips, tips for those who struggle to sleep

Recently I’ve been very stressed out with my uni work and well, life in general. One symptom of this stress has been that I can’t sleep at night – which is the most annoying thing. I’ve been doing various things to try and stop this, so I thought I’d share my tips with you today as I know that many people can struggle to switch off at night!


When I’ve not been getting any sleep, the last thing I feel like doing is going to the gym. However, when I do force myself to do some exercise it always helps me get to sleep that night. Even if it’s just something light like yoga or a walk, it’ll help!

Exercise also can really help with stress and can clear your head if you are finding it hard to switch off after work. I am normally so unmotivated to work out, but I have been finding it so beneficial recently!

Get into bed earlier

This isn’t something that I struggle with normally! But, I personally think that getting into your pyjamas and settling down into bed a bit earlier can help you get to sleep. I used to think that if I stayed up later, I’d fall asleep quicker as I’d be more tired. But actually, I think it’s much more beneficial to start to unwind a bit earlier.

can't sleep tips, insomnia, how to switch off at night


This is something that I find really works! Unfortunately, I don’t have any proper aromatherapy products (although I do want to invest in some soon!). But I have been spraying some of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir into my hands and breathing in the scent before getting into bed at night. I find that it instantly relaxes me!

A cup of tea

I am the type of person who just has to have a cup of tea in bed every night. However, tea contains caffeine which obviously isn’t the best thing to have if you struggle to sleep. So I’ve been swapping the Tetley for herbal teas and I really like the Clipper Sleep Influsion tea for the evenings. It smells absolutely divine and it contains lots of lovely ingredients which are meant to be great for helping you drift off.

An hour without technology

This is something I do struggle with. But turning off my electronic devices and reading my book or listening to a podcast through our speakers always helps me to switch off. I am a total social media addict, so I’ll be honest and say this doesn’t happen every night. But when I am strict with myself, it really does help!

So those are my tips for when you can’t sleep! I really hope that this can help some of you, if you are struggling to drift off at night. I’ve been really struggling with stress at the moment and getting enough sleep makes such a difference.

I normally post a lot of pictures on my Instagram of my bed or cosy little set ups in the evenings, so if you’re into that sort of thing you can find me here! Do you have any tips for getting to sleep?

  • Some brill tips here. I’ve been getting into the habit of putting my phone down and reading a book just before I go to sleep recently. xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

  • These are the best tips lady! I absolutely think exercise and getting into bed as early as poss really helps. We always natter away for at least 30 mins before sleeping so need to give enough time haha! I have recently been practicing more yoga and feel like it definitely helps me unwind and relieve all the stress of the day. I would say the most important one of all is to not roll over and scroll through Instagram once the lights are out! Immy x


  • Fab tips! I don’t really struggle to sleep but my husband definitely does so I’ll be sure to pass these on to him and see if it helps x


  • Sometimes I struggle to sleep too and I think reading really helps me fall asleep! x


  • Lisa Autumn

    An hour without technology.. definitely something I have to try!

    xx Lisa

  • Great tips, I’m not gonna lie I love an early night, but sometimes struggle to switch my mind off. i really need to try the whole hour with out technology though! x

    Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

  • clareelise

    A really great blog. I enjoyed this post <3 Glad I found you via Twitter.
    http://www.thesingingmummydiaries.com xx

  • LOVE this! such fab tips girl! x


  • i luckily never had any trouble with sleeping before but it sometimes is hard for me to calm down after a long day. i usually take a bath and i love using lushs a french kiss in it. lavender calms me down so much.


  • I usually have no problem getting to sleep but sometimes I do and a lil bit of pre-bedtime yoga does wonders for me too! I’ll definitely be trying all of these for the occasions when I don’t just drop off!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project | themondayproject.co.uk